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    Glen Stevens has a degree in Business Administration from Christian Brothers University. With over 25 years at Assembled Products, Glen currently fills the role of Operation Director.

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About Us: (excerpt from news article) Assembled Products is succeeding in the world of manufacturing by concentrating on doing the little things and doing them well. It’s a formula that appears to have worked for the small company that has just move into the Elgin Crossroads area from Memphis, TN.  For nearly 18 years Assembled Products’ primary area of expertise has been design and manufacture of custom electronics. 

“We are contract manufacturers and we get simple jobs such as manufacturing after market chips for cares, to orders for complex medical devices.” “Our clients are from a variety of industries, such as telecommunication, automotive, medical, alternative vehicles, and the building trades.  We get a good mix because we are known for doing high quality manufacturing.”

Michael Stevens, president and his son Glen (Operation Manager) have earned a reputation as designers and builders of products that most large manufacturers tend to shy away from because orders generally are small and profit margins are too low. 

In January 1986, Michael Stevens decided to start his own business, in part because the large manufacturer he was working for at the time would regularly decline to do small jobs.  Stevens saw an opportunity to go to work for himself doing what he enjoyed and help other businesses and individuals at the same time.

He set up Assembled Products in a tiny cinder block building that had once been home to a cabinet shop.  The building was tucked away in a secluded area of Collierville, TN. “While the location was bad, the rent was right and it allowed us to gradually build our business to the point where we could move too better location,” Stevens says.  In 1990 Mr. Stevens moved the company to a much higher profile location in Piperton, TN.  Outgrowing the 5000 square foot building, he moved the company to the old TeeJays building in Elgin with its’ 32,000 square foot of space. 

With this 32,000 square foot building, the Stevens’ and their professionally trained technicians and engineers take on the electronics product jobs that most others pass on.  Their customers have included Federal Express Corp., the University of Memphis, AutoZone, Inc., Hypertech, Inc., and IBS.

Non-corporate clients are shade-tree mechanics and amateur inventors and tinkers looking to strike it rich with a new or improved product.  At times, some of their ideas for new products or problem solving can be worked out in an unconventional fashion and job orders can be delivered in equally odd ways. “We use to get a lot of great ideas on napkins, now they come on makeshift computer printouts,” says Michael.

Assembled Products’ clients tend to return time and again because they know their product will work.  We have the advantage of quality in our assemblies, not everyone takes the time to do that.


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As of Jan. 1st, 2004 - Our new facility in Elgin, Alabama

Over 33,000 total air-conditioned square feet Three Phase Power Throughout
28,000+ sq. ft manufacturing space Served by DSL High Speed Internet
Separated Inventory Control 4 truck height loading docks
Programming/Microprocessor Room 1 drive through bay
In-house Library Facility

We are proud to invite you to visit our new facility. By appointment only (to protect the security of our customers and their products), we would be happy to show you our manufacturing capabilities.


Our Location:

     Well, we're proudly situated in North Alabama equally placed between Huntsville and Florence. We are easily within a days drive of Nashville and Memphis Tn, Birmingham Alabama and even Atlanta! Our formal address is 331 Tracey Lane in Rogersville, AL 35652 but we are actually in the Elgin community of Alabama... we hope for our own post office someday! We invite you to stop in anytime, but encourage you to call a little in advance. We avidly protect our customers products and occasionally our plant may be off limits during specific production runs! We're here most days, Monday - Friday from 7:30 to 4:30 and often during weekends and after hours.

Tell us what you need:

    We want to hear from you. Small needs or large, we enjoy what we do. Don't be bashful, we would love to help. We know that your project needs suggestions, advice, sourcing and well, just a little encouragement. That's what we are here for.

Basic Sales Terms:

     We don't do cheap. We are very cost effective and competitive, but if you want cheap we can point you to companies (overseas) that will accommodate that. However, we have learned from experience that cheap breaks... plain and simple. We have an excellent reputation as a quality manufacturer and we won't sacrifice that. When you want it to work, we're your company.

     Each project we work on will have a formal quote with full terms and conditions outlining the project and any specific details. Engineering is an inexact science, while we do our best to quote price and delivery schedules carefully, unforeseen issues can arise. We will keep up updated on our progress and any variations to our proposal. We do everything we can to keep our prices as low as possible without compromising our high quality. But because our suppliers continue to raise their prices, we must reserve the right to change ours without notice.

     So you need to make changes to your design or production project? No problem... that we can do. But we need you to send it over in writing (paper or e-mail). Make sure that we receive your changes, we will confirm in writing or e-mail. This is to protect you... the quality of your product depends on clear instructions and a phone call can leave to much to interpret. 

     All first orders are 50% down and 50% on delivery payment terms. After a basic credit approval process and your first order, we can extend NET 30 terms with a 2% early payment incentive. However, if you don't pay on time, we charge a late fee as well as offering you our excellent new payment terms of 100% down with nothing to pay later, no exceptions. Alabama is kind enough to require us to charge sales tax on products that ship to  any location within Alabama. We require a tax resale certificate from all companies that we do not charge sales tax, located either in or out of Alabama.


     All orders are F.O.B. our factory. You may specify how you wish your order shipped. If we receive no instructions, we will ship by the most reasonable means, according to the size and weight of your order. We can use your shipper account or pre-pay and add the shipping charges. International shipments are no problem, we handle those everyday. Once your account is setup, all shipments will go to address on file, unless you specify differently in writing.


    Assembled Products, Inc has no control over how products that we build are used. It is up to our clients to insure that the products are used safely and in a manner for which they were designed. By accepting our proposals, our clients understand that we are a service provider, under the exclusive direction of our clients and therefore they assume all liability for the application and functions of the product.

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